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December Crate: St. Lucy, The Immaculate Conception & Monthly Devotions of the Church

December Crate: St. Lucy, The Immaculate Conception & Monthly Devotions of the Church

The countdown to Christmas has begun! Before you celebrate our Savior’s birth, let’s feast with the Immaculate Conception and St. Lucy, learn the monthly devotions of the Church, grow in virtue, and memorize a new prayer. Our monthly boxes empower you to build a Catholic culture in your home and share our beautiful faith with your children. We are all on this journey to sainthood together!


Feast Day #1: The Immaculate Conception (December 8th)

The Immaculate Conception Art

Each month your crate includes two art prints to help you celebrate your feast days. On the back of your lovely print, you can find feast day information to share with your little saints. Display these on the feast day, or all month long.

Ornament Making


You are going to create a beautiful ornament just in time for Christmas! Build St. Anne with the sacred heart of Mary in her womb using the stickers. Don’t forget to hang your ornament on the family tree.


Feast Day #2: St. Lucy (December 13th)

St. Lucy Art

Collect these prints for years to come.

Crown Craft


St. Lucy is quite an amazing saint! Today you will honor her by building your own crown of candles.

Star Boy Hat



We encourage you to lead a procession around your house (or neighborhood) singing carols.

Baked Goods


As an added bonus for this day, you can make sweet buns or throw some premade cinnamon rolls in the oven. Check out this month's resource link for a sweet bun recipe.


Catechesis Corner: Monthly Devotions of the Church


Each month of the year is dedicated to a particular devotion within the Catholic faith. The devotions are based on historical events or a particular aspect of the liturgical calendar, or a combination of the two. This month is the Catholic new year. Hang your Perpetual Monthly Devotions in your home to celebrate the coming liturgical year! Each month, your family can unite with the universal Church in prayer and devotion.


Monthly Staples: 

Beautiful Words: The Angelus

The Angelus is a centuries-old Catholic devotion that recalls the annunciation of Christ’s birth by the angel Gabriel to the Virgin Mary. It is a beautiful way to celebrate the coming of Christ this season. We encourage you to memorize even just a few lines! Take turns reading the verses and responses, or sing the prayer together. Traditionally, the Angelus was recited in Roman Catholic churches, convents, and monasteries at 6 a.m., noon, and 6 p.m. Today, many families say it at noon, but you can choose a time that best suits your schedule.

Virtue Chat Table Topper: Piety


Each month we will focus on a particular virtue as a family. Put this table topper wherever you eat meals together and use it to guide daily conversation. Read the brief reflection and discuss what things immediately pop into your head. Invite each person at the table to share their insights. There are NO wrong responses. We are all learning together. As a family, show generosity and gratitude to each person who shares. This is a beautiful way to unite our families and develop strong character.


Spotify Playlist

Each month includes a playlist full of beautiful music. We encourage you to play the music in the car, at home during the day, during bath time, while cleaning--basically in the background of your normal everyday life

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