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Frequently Asked Questions


FAITH IN A YEAR Monthly Membership:

When will my box ship? 

We will do everything in our power to get you your first box as soon as possible so you can dive right in (while supplies last). Due to the time-sensitivity of our contents, these dates vary. Our official cut off date is the 25th, however, if the feast days being celebrated in that box are at the beginning of the month, the cut off for monthly boxes is approximately 5 business days ahead of the first feast day in that month's box to provide enough time for shipping. If the feast days aren't at the beginning of the month, the cut-off is the 8th so you receive your first crate before being rebilled for your second crate.

When will my membership renew? 

All memberships renew on the 15th of each month, and the payment is for the following month's box (i.e. A November 15th charge is for the December crate). 

How often will I receive a crate?

Crates are delivered to your doorstep each month! We ensure your crate arrives in time for that month's liturgical feasts! 

What if I have more than one child? Are there materials my kids will fight over?

Items vary each month. However, when the crate includes crafts or activities, each box automatically comes with supplies for three children. We also include a resource link to print more materials if you have more than three children or want to do the activity again. There are many larger families that enjoy our crates by printing extras or pairing up older and younger children to work on the crafts or activities together.

What age range is the crate geared toward?

Our crates are educational and enjoyable for the whole family,  however, the activities and crafts are designed with the ages of 3-12 specifically in mind.

FAITH IN A YEAR Seasonal Membership:

How is this different from the monthly membership?

The Monthly Crate option focuses on feast days and ongoing faith formation. The Seasonal Crate devotes itself to those major liturgical seasons integral to our Catholic faith: Advent, Christmas, Lent & Triduum, Easter, and Ordinary Time. They are set apart from “monthly” observance, so we honor them as such.

I am a monthly member, will I be getting this material as part of my monthly membership?

The Monthly Membership and the Seasonal Membership are two different membership options that complement each other, but do not overlap. There will be no Advent/Christmas/Lent & Triduum/Easter/Ordinary Time supplies in the Monthly Membership crates, so there is no risk of getting duplicates. The Seasonal Membership is a wonderful addition for a family who has a Monthly Membership, OR it can be subscribed to on its own, without the Monthly Membership option. Choose the combination that is best for your family!

How often will I receive a crate?

The Seasonal Membership crates ship out five times per year (before Advent, Christmas, Lent & Triduum, Easter, and Ordinary Time) and each box is filled to the brim and expertly designed to ensure parents have everything they need to have the holiest and intentional seasons.

What age range is the crate geared toward?

Our crates are educational and enjoyable for the whole family. Although we do keep ages 3-12 specifically in mind as we develop our content. Our Seasonal Crates don't include crafts, so they are perfect for families of all ages.

General Questions:

Do you ship internationally? 

International shipping is available. Due to increased shipping times on international orders with the global pandemic, we cannot guarantee international crates will make it in a timely manner. Please be aware that international shipments can take anywhere from 3-8 weeks to arrive, so you may not receive your crate until the middle of the month or later. Please also be aware that certain countries may charge additional customs fees/taxes. Shipping rate will be calculated at checkout. 

I only want to order a crate, not a membership. Can I do this?

You can sign up for a membership and cancel at any time, even after only receiving one crate! Be sure you create an account at checkout so you can manage your subscription. Also, we do have some crates available on our website for individual purchase. However, subscribers receive a $5 discount on each crate.

How can I change my address?

You can update your billing address by managing your account online. To update your SHIPPING address, please email us at Please note that your shipping address must be updated before rebilling (the 15th of the month for Monthly Members and dates vary for Seasonal Members).

Can I send a crate as a gift?

Yes! Our crates make wonderful gifts. Just add a crate to your cart and enter the gift recipient's address in the shipping address section.

What if my crate is damaged during shipping or missing an item?

Please report damaged or missing items within ONE WEEK of your delivery date by emailing us at 

Can I use the products in my classroom or religious education classes?

All our crates and materials are designed for personal use only and are not licensed for multi or commercial use.


If you have any additional questions, please contact us at or ‪(720) 773-1093‬.