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December crate 2022: Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy and NEW! Marian Deck

December crate 2022: Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy and NEW! Marian Deck

Take your family beyond Sunday mass and bring the catholic faith into your home with our December crate! Fall in love with the resources that we have prepared for you to celebrate feast days! This month, let's learn more about Our Lady of Guadalupe, St. Lucy, add some holiness to your family with the NEW! Catholic Playing Cards - Marian deck edition, grow in virtue, and memorize a new prayer. 


Feast Day #1: Our Lady of Guadalupe (December 12th)

Our Lady of Guadalupe

Nearly 500 years ago, Our Lady of Guadalupe appeared to an indigenous man baptized as Juan Diego in a small village near Mexico City. The Virgin of Guadalupe spoke to Juan in his native language and dressed as an Aztec princess. She asked that a chapel be built where she appeared. Juan told the bishop of Mexico all that he had seen and heard, but the bishop asked for a sign. Our Lady gave Juan roses in the middle of winter as a sign of her authenticity. Juan carried flowers in his tilma (burlap-type cloak) back to the bishop. When he dropped the roses, the bishop sank to his knees in front of Juan. Our Lady (in all her amazing humor and holiness) imprinted her image on his tilma where the roses had been. Today, you can see the original image of Our Lady of Guadalupe in the Basilica of Guadalupe in Monterrey, Nuevo León, Mexico. Mary’s apparition to Juan Diego as one of his people is a powerful message that God’s love is gentle and humble: he meets us where we’re at, in the midst of our traditions and culture.

Display your liturgical art print and share her story with your saints in training!


Our Lady of Guadalupe Mini Fiesta activity


Decorate your table and prepare a Mexican treat to celebrate. Don't have supplies for hot chocolate? We've got you covered. Use the decorations at any mealtime.


Feast Day #2: St. Lucy (December 13th)

St. Lucy

St. Lucy’s Day is a huge celebration around Christmastime in Sweden. Girls celebrate by wearing a white robe with a red sash around their waist and a crown of candles on their heads. Boys often wear cone-shaped star hats and carry stars. The children lead a procession around the house or neighborhood carrying candles and singing carols. Many families serve sweet buns or cinnamon rolls and visit neighbors during this time. Change your liturgical art print to celebrate her feast day.


St. Lucy's crowning activity


St. Lucy is an amazing saint! Honor her by building crowns of candles (included), star boy hats, and stars (digital downloads-available for subscribers).


Feast Day Calendar Stickers

Feast day calendar stickers are included to mark each feast day on your family calendar. 


Catechesis Corner: Catholic Playing Cards - Marian Deck 


Use these brightly illustrated playing cards to add some holiness to your family
game night. Play your favorite card games with Mary at your side. 


Monthly Staples:

Beautiful Words: The Jesus Prayer


The Jesus Prayer expresses the profound relationship between Christ and
humankind. Work to memorize this prayer as a family throughout the month.


Virtue Chat Table Topper: Humility


Each month your family will focus on developing strong character through a particular virtue. Put this topper wherever you eat meals together and use it to guide the daily conversation.


Spotify Playlist


Each month includes a playlist full of beautiful music. We encourage you to play the music in the car, at home during the day, during bath time, and while cleaning--basically in the background of your normal everyday life.



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