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August Crate: St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Augustine, St. Monica & Spiritual First Aid

August Crate: St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Augustine, St. Monica & Spiritual First Aid

You’ve made it! Summer is coming to a close, but not before you crack open this month’s amazing crate. Are you ready to feast with St. Maximilian Kolbe, St. Monica, and her son, St. Augustine? You will also learn how to practice spiritual first aid with your family, pray over your children, grow in virtue, and memorize a new prayer. Our monthly boxes empower you to build a Catholic culture in your home and share our beautiful faith with your children. We are all on this journey to sainthood together!


Feast Day #1: St. Maximilian Kolbe (August 14th)

St. Maximilian Kolbe Art

Each month your crate includes two art prints to help you celebrate your feast days. On the back of your lovely print, you can find feast day information to share with your little saints. Display these prints on both days, or all month long. Enjoy them for years to come.

Prison Time Craft


St. Maximilian Kolbe is a modern day saint, courageous priest, and a World War II prisoner. To celebrate this awesome saint, share the story of his great love from the back of your art print and use the stickers to build his prison together. Remind your little saints that even during his unjust imprisonment, Maximilian loved the Lord with all his heart!


Feast Day #2: Sts. Monica & Augustine (August 27th & 28th)

Sts. Monica & Augustine Art

This month one of your feast prints depicts TWO saints! We are celebrating St. Monica and St. Augustine together because they are family, and their feast days are back-to-back. Collect these prints for years to come.

Praying Parents: A Companion for Covering Your Children in Prayer


St. Monica was St. Augustine’s mom! Through her prayers and perseverance, St. Augustine found the Lord. To honor this incredible mother and her saintly son, we want you parents (yes, this one’s for you!) to persevere in prayer for your little saints! Crack open your prayer journals and get started with that first prayer. Remember: No prayer is too small. Whatever you ask for in love is perfect.

Monica’s Maze


Your growing saints have one activity for each feast day to keep their little hands occupied while you work through your journal.

Help! St. Monica needs to find her son. Follow the path that unites St. Monica with St. Augustine.

Sts. Monica & Augustine Coloring Page Digital Download


DON'T FORGET! Check out this months resource link to get your digital download for this saintly duo.


Catechesis Corner: Spiritual First Aid

Spiritual First Aid for Adults


Spiritual First Aid for Children


Ever feel like you need spiritual help, but don’t know where to go? We’ve got your whole family covered! During times of trouble you and your children can turn to Scripture and the saints for prayer, comfort, and intercession. Use the First Aid brochures to find a saintly companion during your suffering and a Bible verse to meditate on. Store it in your Bible or on your home altar for easy access.


Monthly Staples:

Beautiful Words: Act of Faith, Hope, and Love

This month’s prayer is short, but powerful. Within these three lines, you are declaring that you have faith in the one true God, placing your hope in God’s saving grace, and proclaiming your love for Jesus. Wow! That’s a lot from 14 words! We challenge you to memorize it and say it often—whether you are in a time of joy or sorrow.

Virtue Chat Table Topper: Courage


Each month we will focus on a particular virtue as a family. Put this table topper wherever you eat meals together and use it to guide daily conversation. Read the brief reflection and discuss what things immediately pop into your head. Invite each person at the table to share their insights. There are NO wrong responses. We are all learning together. As a family, show generosity and gratitude to each person who shares. This is a beautiful way to unite our families and develop strong character.

Spotify Playlist

Each month includes a playlist full of beautiful music. We encourage you to play the music in the car, at home during the day, during bath time, while cleaning--basically in the background of your normal everyday life.

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