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The Nativity of Mary

The Nativity of Mary

It’s time to celebrate!

September 8th is the feast day of the Nativity of Mary.

The Facts

The Nativity of Mary celebrates the Blessed Virgin Mary’s birthday. Before she was born, God chose Mary to bring his son into the world for our salvation. She was born without sin, in anticipation of her role as a living tabernacle of our Lord. (Fun fact: The Catholic Church typically commemorates saints on the date of their death. On the feast of a nativity, we celebrate the birthday of those who were born without sin. Only two other humans were born without original sin – John the Baptist, who was cleansed of original sin while in his mother’s womb, and Jesus!)

The Feast

Birthdays are a celebration of the precious gift of life, given to us by God. Just like we celebrate the birthdays of our loved ones, it is important to celebrate the birthday of our Blessed Mother. Without her brave obedience to God’s plan, the story of our salvation would be very different. Today we honor Mary’s birth and the role she played in allowing us all the opportunity for eternal life.

Time to Celebrate!

CFC Pros… Don’t forget to display your Feast Day Art print from last year’s crate!


Good news! A festive feast doesn’t need to be fussy. Here are a few easy ways to celebrate the Feast of the Nativity of Mary:

  • In addition to “Happy Birthday,” sing a Marian hymn to honor the birth of our Blessed Mother.
  • Eat cake! Let your little saints help you bake a cake or cupcakes for Mother Mary.
  • Pray the rosary. Honor Mary today by saying the rosary as a family. For families with little saints, starting with one decade is a great way to introduce this holy tradition to wiggly saints in training.

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