St. Vincent de Paul

It’s time to celebrate!

September 27th is the feast day of St. Vincent de Paul.

And good news… a festive feast doesn’t need to be fussy.

If you’re a monthly crate subscriber…

  • Don’t forget to display your Feast Day Art print.
  • Read about St. Vincent de Paul with your saints in training.
  • Use the scavenger hunt guide to collect donations for a local charity organization.
  • Pro tip: Don’t forget to wear your new button when you drop off your donations this month, and anytime you serve others in the future!

Here are a few other easy ways to celebrate with St. Vincent de Paul:

  • Volunteer at or donate to a local charity in honor of this saint who dedicated his life to serving others.
  • Do an act of charity for a family member or neighbor. Good deeds don’t always have to be grand gestures. Today, find a simple way to share the love and kindness of Christ.

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