St. Thomas Aquinas

The Feast of St. Thomas Aquinas is January 28th!

If you’re a monthly crate subscriber…

  • Don’t forget to display your Feast Day Art print.
  • Learn about this scholarly saint with your saints in training.

  • Hang your St. Thomas Aquinas quote static cling in a window for a pretty reminder to actively love one another!
  • Wind your way through faith and reason as you complete a maze!
  • Pro tip: Listen to your monthly playlist as you explore your crate!

Here are a few more easy ways everyone can celebrate this special feast:

  • Enjoy our free coloring sheet (he’s one of the featured saints in this free packet) featuring wise words from St. Thomas Aquinas.
  • Read a good book. St. Thomas Aquinas loved reading and when asked what he was most thankful to God for, he replied “I have understood every page I ever read.” 

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