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Lent Crate

Lent Crate


The activities, Scriptures, and prayers in this Lent crate are uniquely designed to take you deeper into the life, death, and resurrection of our Lord.


Family Sacrifices


As Catholics, we are called to focus on three spiritual practices during the 40 days of Lent: prayer, fasting, and almsgiving. The Church’s call to holiness during this season is both sacrificial and challenging for adults and families alike. This interactive set is a simple way to answer the call to holiness this Lent! Find instructions with the deck of cards in your crate.


Liturgical Art Collection: Lent and Easter


Celebrate feast days throughout the Lent and Easter Seasons by displaying your liturgical art prints on a shelf, the dining room table, or your home altar. Mark the dates provided on your family calendar as a reminder to change your liturgical art. Store these prints with your Easter decor to use year after year.


Stations of the Cross


Devotion to the Stations of the Cross (or the Way of the Cross) began as early as the fourth century. This devotion evolved over time into honoring the 14 stations we have today. Open your Stations of the Cross cards and join Christ on the path to salvation. Walk with Jesus through Scripture, images, and prayer as he carries his cross to Golgotha.


Lectio Divina Journal


Lectio Divina, translated as “Divine Reading,” is an ancient practice in the Church for scriptural reading, meditation, and prayer intended to foster communion with God. This Lenten Season we challenge you to participate in Lectio Divina as part of your preparation for Easter. Use our stunning Lectio Divina Journal to accompany you on this journey through God’s Word. There is space for all 46 days of Lent (includes Sundays). The passages are blank for you to meditate on any scripture you feel called to. Need some ideas? Start with the Psalms or the Gospel reading from Mass each day. Don’t get to this everyday during Lent? That’s okay! You can use your journal all year long.


Prayer Table Topper


This table topper is a simple way for your family to live out the Catholic faith during this season of fasting and prayer. Use the Lenten Examen to spark nightly dinner discussion and memorize the short Bible verse as you prepare for the death and resurrection of Christ.

Sacrifice Beans Kit


If you’ve never heard of this tradition, we are thrilled to bring it into your home. If this is already part of your family’s Lenten preparation, we hope our kit makes it easier, fancier, and more enjoyable. Here’s the scoop: during Lent, keep the jar with the “Sacrifices” sticker facing towards you. When someone in your family makes a sacrifice (hint: use your Family Sacrifices cards for ideas), they get to put a bean in the jar. On Easter, the jar of sacrifice beans turns into a fun treat. Traditionally, they turn into jellybeans, but you can use skittles, chocolates, stickers, erasers, money, or toy figurines. Don't forget to save this for next year! 


Music Playlist

We hope you enjoy our Lenten and Easter playlists. The songs for Lent were specifically chosen to help you prepare your heart for Holy Week and Easter. On Easter Sunday and throughout Eastertide (ending May 23rd), rock out to the celebratory Easter playlist with your family. Share in the joy of new life and sing along with all the angels and saints.  


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