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what will be inside?

Each crate will contain:

TWO activities a month for feast days

A memento

A print with a prayer, verse or quote to learn for the month and hang up in your home

A Spotify playlist to fill your home and car with beautiful music

We also offer a Digital Crate packed with as much as we can send digitally! 

how will this help my family?

saves you time

Overwhelmed by searching Pinterest and 'Catholic Mom Blogs' for ideas? Dread taking your kids to the craft store for supplies? Do you end up wasting hours online looking for items that are theologically sound, beautiful and inspiring? No more researching ideas, scouring the internet or trips to the craft store. We deliver wonderful Catholic materials and planned out activities to your door! 

equips you with tools

Concerned you don't know enough about the Catholic faith to teach your children? Or maybe you're a theologian, but are struggling to break down the faith for your 5 year old? Our crates are designed to give you the tools to teach your children about the faith. Our magazine will help you explain these important topics to small children and is loaded with open-ended discussion questions to start a beautiful dialogue about the faith.

saves you money

Always wondering how you end up spending $30 on a simple craft? Wish you could just buy one popsicle stick at Hobby Lobby instead of 250 of them for $5? Have you bought items online and ended up not liking them? We help you save money (and space) by sending only the supplies you need and products vetted by our team of priests, Montessori teachers and theologians!

Our crates also make
perfect gifts and tools
for evangelizing!