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frequently asked questions

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How often will I receive a crate?
I only want to order a crate, not a subscription. Can I do this?
What if we already have an item that comes in our crate?
Can I send a crate as a gift?
What if my crate is damaged during shipping or missing an item?
What if I have more than one child? Are there materials my children will fight over?
What if I have so many awesome children, and I can't afford activity packs for all of them?
I ordered a Digital Crate. When will I receive it?
How will I know my crate has shipped?
Do you ship internationally?
Can I use the materials from my crate in my classroom or church?
Will you tell me more about the program to give back?
I am a Catholic business owner, writer or have ideas for crafts and activities. Will you feature my products, writing or ideas in your crate?
I am an influencer, do you do collaborations?