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Frequently Asked Questions

Why am I getting a crate in June and then again in August?

Our quarterly delivery schedule will be August, November, February and May. We were planning on sending our first ever box in May of 2018 but website delays pushed the delivery back to June. Due to how Advent and Lent fall, we need to keep to our August, November, February schedule so you will get your first two boxes a little closer than normal, June and August.


What if we already have an item that comes in our crate?

While we do our best to try to provide unique, intentional and high-quality Catholic goods to enrich your faith journey, there simply aren't enough brand new, cutting-edge Catholic items for us to guarantee that each item will be new to every subscriber. If you receive an item that you already own, we recommend you use it to  evangelize to your friends, family and neighbors. These items also make great gifts!


Can I send a crate as a gift?

Yes! Our crates make wonderful gifts. Just add a crate to your cart and enter the gift recipient's address in the shipping address section. There is also a space to include a personalized note that will be sent with the crate.


What if my crate is damaged during shipping or missing an item?

Please report damaged or missing items within 1 week of your delivery date. Contact us and we will assist you in replacing the item.


What if I have more than one child? Are there materials my children will fight over?

Each crate automatically comes with TWO activity packs; these packs will vary, but will include consumable items like crafts and coloring pages. If you need more than two activity packs, additional activity packs can be purchased for an extra charge.  

For multi-use materials, such as books and toys, there will only be one of each item included in a crate. If you would like individual items per child, you would need to purchase two crates.

Please contact us directly if you need to purchase more activity packs than the options on our website allow.


What if I have so many awesome children and I can't afford activity packs for all of them?

We love big Catholic families and know it can be cost prohibitive to purchase products like this for large families. Due to the extra time and costs for materials, we need to charge extra per activity pack; however, activity packs decrease in price with each additional pack you purchase. If these discounts still do not make it cost effective for your family, you could be a great fit for our giving back program! Part of the proceeds from all purchases go to provide educational materials to families and parishes  in need, and we would love to talk with you about helping your family. Please contact us.

Additionally, some of the items could be photocopied at home or a local office supply store. You are welcome to copy these types of items as long as they are used for personal use only.


I ordered a Digital Crate(hyperlink to it). When will I receive it?

In order to not ruin the surprise for those purchasing our physical crates, we will send your Digital Crate (hyperlink to it) by email when the physical crates arrive.


How will I know my crate has shipped?

You will receive an email confirming your order has been shipped.


Can I order a crate to be delivered outside of the United States?

We currently do not ship outside of the United States. Our Digital Crate (hyperlink to it) would be a great option for those outside of the United States.


Can I use the materials from my crate in my classroom or church?

All of our crates are designed for personal use only. Please contact us directly if you would like to use any of our materials for commercial use, in classrooms or churches.


Will you tell me more about the program to give back?

We believe the gift of faith is the most wonderful gift one can give. Part of the proceeds from your purchase go to provide educational products to families and parishes in need. Please contact us if you know of any families or organizations who are in need of our educational products.


I am a Catholic business owner, writer or have ideas for crafts and activities. Will you feature my products, writing or ideas in your crate?

Please contact us! We would love to hear from you. Send as much information as possible about your products or ideas for working with us.


I am an influencer, do you do collaborations?

We love collaborating! Please contact us for more information.