Open for new subscribers! December themes: St. Nicholas & Our Lady of Guadalupe!

learn. pray. grow. connect.

Monthly packages to help you build a Catholic culture in your home!

what's inside?

TWO activities a month for feast days

A memento

A print with a prayer, verse or quote to learn for the month and hang up in your home

A Spotify playlist to fill your home and car with beautiful music


how it works 

1. Choose your plan

2. Get your surprise crate

3. Enjoy as a family


True & Holy

The contents in our crates are faithful to the teachings of the Magisterium of the Catholic Church and created under priestly guidance.

Fun for Kids

Present the faith to your children in a fun and engaging way, opening their hearts to an eternal relationship with Christ.

Strengthens Families

We provide the tools to create family traditions and memories around the rich history and liturgy of the Church.

Educational & Beautiful

Crates are curated with the guidance of Catholic Montessori educators to provide age appropriate, beautiful activities.

fun & holy mail

Catholic Family Crate brings the whole family together to celebrate
the truth, goodness and beauty of the Catholic faith.