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Holy Week at Home

An easy-to-follow plan for this unique Holy Week

Traditional and theologically edited

Know what to do on each day without having to do the research or buy special supplies

A Holy Week like no other!! 

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Learn about the Saints

During this difficult time, we're offering 12 free coloring pages to help keep your little ones (and yourself) busy and trusting God during this time of uncertainty!


What's in a monthly crate?

TWO activities a month for feast days

TWO art prints to collect- one for each feast day

A Catechesis Lesson

Virtue Chat Table Topper

A print with a prayer, verse or quote to learn for the month and hang up in your home

A Spotify playlist to fill your home and car with beautiful music


Themes for May Crate:

Names of Mary

Our Lady of Fatima

St. Dominic Savio

Virtue: Generosity

Pray/Verse: 1 Samuel 3:9